Hedonistic Holidays–Ibiza versus Tenerife

Ibiza versus Tenerife

Ibiza and Tenerife are two of the most popular party holiday destinations in the world. Ibiza is world-renowned as the clubbing capital of the world and is a haven for party going holidaymakers, backpackers and stag do’s. Tenerife is equally attractive with an abundance of fantastic nightlife, thumping clubs, and beautiful beaches. While Ibiza might seem like the destination for hedonistic holidays here we’re going to compare the two to see which one will suit you better on your travels.

We’ll start with Ibiza simply because it is the most famous and the most popular. Ibiza developed its reputation for the best clubs in the world through the late 80’s and 90’s and is still the home of the world’s most impressive clubs and some of the greatest bars. All the big names play here in every genre of dance and electronica which gives it huge appeal. The town centers are a bar strewn frenzy of hedonism and overall a huge amount of fun. Ibiza villas and Ibiza apartments give you a great way to enjoy the clubbing and partying with a group and accommodation generally is reasonably priced. The beach bars and the Ibiza beaches are simply incredible with plenty of happy hours and great places to relax until the main evenings clubbing. This brings us to the club scene which is simply incredible. The biggest clubs such as Paradis, Amnesia, Space and Privilege are everything you’d expect from super clubs and the music is epic. However, there is a downside to Ibiza and that is the prices. Drinks aren’t too outrageous in the bars and during happy hour but the clubs are an entirely different story. Entry starts from about 20 Euros and a round of drinks for two people will cost almost the same in many of the clubs. Aside from this though Ibiza is a paradise for club life and a great party destination of the Balearic islands of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea

In contrast, we might already think that Tenerife is going to be less impressive than Ibiza and not worth our time. However, this really doesn’t do justice to Tenerife and its popularity amongst party driven tourists is still immense. The prices are a lot cheaper and there are few entry fees. Plus its less crowded away from the clubs and bars meaning you can actually relax on your party holiday – and let’s face it who doesn’t want to after a heavy night’s drinking. Tenerife’s club and nightlife scene revolves around the Playa de las Americas and is split between the Patch, Veronica’s strip and Starco. These three areas offer an incredible amount of bars, restaurants and clubs and there are some really unique experiences on offer here. The patch is fairly family orientated but bars are open till around 3 and there are some great themed pubs here. Veronica’s and Starco are where you can find the clubs and lively bars with tramp’s being one of the best and often frequented by big name DJ’s from around the world. Accommodation and drinks are a lot cheaper than in Ibiza and Tenerife apartments and villas give you a much more luxurious holiday compared to many offerings in Ibiza. Where you go really comes down to what you want from your holiday but Tenerife is by far the more relaxed experience.


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