Experience the Many Faces of Bengaluru, India’s Most Affectionate

Bengaluru, India’s Most Affectionate

Among the many marvelous cities in India, Bengaluru stands out as arguably the most beloved of them all. Bengaluru is known by many affectionate names, some capturing the admiration of its tropical climate, some highlighting the city’s historical and cultural history, others denoting its array of holiday attractions, and still, others highlighting its impressive economic growth.

Bengaluru is aptly known as the ‘Garden City of India’ for its greenery and extensive public parks, such as Cubbon Park and the world-famous Lal Bagh. Bengaluru has impressively managed to preserve much of its greenery despite being gradually transformed into a modern cosmopolitan city, courtesy of a high rate of economic growth.

This city remains the ideal ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’ for many visitors, bringing together retirees from across the globe to enjoy the moderate tropical climate, awe-inspiring attractions, and the friendly culture of the Indian people. Too many other visitors, Bangalore represent the most advanced of Indian cities with regards to information communication technology. To this group of visitors, Bangalore is widely known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. Indeed, Bangalore is home to the most prominent IT industry in India today, hosting virtually all of the leading IT multinationals. The city is the hub of India’s IT industry and has severally been ranked by Forbes in the top 10 most preferred entrepreneurial cities in the world. Thousands of tourists are now opting to have working holidays in Bengaluru, knowing that the city will serve them an abundance of both business opportunities and fun.   

To others, Bangalore represents the Indian city that has perhaps the richest and oldest history. These tourists are amazed by a city that has survived hundreds of dynasties and kingdoms, and that has been colonized by a succession of foreign rulers. Every inch of Bangalore is a testament to the rich heritage of the city’s history in aspects of architectural style, culture, and cuisine.

To fun-loving, youthful and energetic tourists, however, Bangalore is the ‘Pub Capital of India’, or the more modern ‘Rock Metal Capital of India’ seeing as the city now has a promising underground music scene, enough premier venues for international rock concerts, and vibrant theatre culture. Such visitors are often attracted by annual festivals such as Bangalore Karaga, the oldest and most important Indian festival hosted in Bangalore, the Ganesha Chaturthi and Ramanavami classical music and dance festivals, as well as the emerging amateur film industry. This newly developing film industry has put a new emphasis on the city as glamorous and sophisticated, and there is certainly more pressure to look good all the time. Yet Bengaluru still retains its old-worldly charm, characterized by its cheap pricing, and through beauty services made affordable by leading hairdressers and beauty parlors continue to be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. If thrill-seeking is more your thing, then be sure to get your hands on tickets for quad biking, for a ‘once in a lifetime’ ride.

There is something for one and all in Bangalore; the many faces of Bangalore represent what the city is too many people, and why it is recognized as the most affectionate of Indian cities. In May 2012, and for the umpteenth time, Lonely Planet ranked the city of Bengaluru third in a list of the world’s top ten cities to visit in 2012. Come and encounter the diversity of Bangalore; you will definitely have lots to say about the love and the joy, the tranquility and the delights, the fun and the energy, the adventures and the romance, and the history and the culture of Bangalore, India.


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